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Sorbet Bombe
A refreshing dessert
ideal to complement a hearty meal (a great alternative to xmas pudding).
A different approach to the cassata Siciliana using sorbet rather than ice cream and adding some meringue.

The choice of sorbets can be varied to suit your taste.
The mould shape can also be adapted to suit the amount you are making
or you can make individual desserts in suitable pots.

Adjust Quantities to suit number of servings required
Preparation Time 15 minutes
Several hours in the freezer

1 litre Mango sorbet
1/2 litre Orange sorbet
75 grams candied mixed peel
75 grams glacÚ cherries
4 meringue shells
6 Satsumas
Slash of cointreau or triple sec
Physalis or other exotic fruit to decorate (optional)

1. Halve the cherries
2. Put 2/3 of the mango sorbet in a pudding bowl and soften with a fork
3. Add half of the candied peel and cherries add mix into the sorbet
4. Press the sorbet mixture to form a layer round the inside of the mould
5. In a separate bowl, soften the remaining sorbet and crumble the meringue into the bowl (in chunks) and mix into the sorbet.
6. Layer this into the pudding bowl, leaving an 'well' in the middle
7. Mix the orange sorbet and remaining candied peel and cherries
8. Fill the mixture into the pudding bowl and level the surface
9. Cover with cling film and place in the freezer
10. An hour or so before serving, peel and segment the satsumas.
11. Pour over a splash of alcohol and stir to cover their surfaces, Chill in the fridge
12. Just before serving, put the pudding basin in hot water for a few seconds to release the dessert. Turn out onto a serving plate.
13. Decorate with the fruit and serve