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Smoked Salmon Parcels
Simple light Starter
Serves 4
Preparation Time 20 minutes
Chilling Time at least 30 Minutes

150 grams cream cheese with fine herbs (e.g. Lidl Creffe)
200 grams Smoked Salmon
1/4 cucumber
1 lemon

1. Line 4 ramekins with smoked salmon overlapping the edges of the ramekin
2. Skin the cucumber and chop into small cubes (4-5mm)
3. Mix the cucumber with the cream chesse
4. Share the mixture between the ramekins and smooth the top
5. Fold the smoked salmon over the mixture and firm down
6. Leave to chill
7. When ready to serve, gently ease out the parcels (top down)
8. Decorate with a twisted lemon slice
9. Garnish with a little salad and serve with brown bread