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Getting There By Car
There are a number of ways to cross the Channel with a car and a number of destinations for the crossing
The Eurotunnel crossing from Folkestone to Calais is one of the fastest and has the most frequent service
The aferry website provides details of all the regular crossings with timetables and Sailing Information
This is a good starting point for researching ferry crossings and has links to the individual ferry companies

Try these links for the Ferry Operators

Eurotunnel Ferries to France

Route from the Ferry Port
The route below is my preferred route from the Eurotunnel terminal in Calais or ferry crossings to Calais or Boulogne
For arrival at other northern Ferry ports it will be necessary to travel south and will probably join the A20 north of Limoges
The route avoids Paris and only has 2 sections of toll motorway. The distance is 480 miles (770 KM) and takes 7hrs 30 mins driving time
The return route is the same in reverse

From Calais take the A16 / E402 towards Boulogne / Rouen, picking up a toll ticket after Boulogne
At Junction 23 take the A28 / E402 towards Rouen. Pay the toll on leaving the A16
Follow the A28 to Rouen. The A28 becomes the N28 as you approach Rouen. Continue on the N28 through the Tunnel
At the second exit after the tunnel follow the signs to Vernon, Pont de L'Arche
At the first traffic lights turn left and then right after the next set of lights. Head towards Pont de L'Arche
The road follows along the side of the Seine (on your right). Keep on this road through a few small villages towards Pont da L'Arche
Just before The river crossing you go through Igoville, this is a good place to get cheaper petrol at the Esso staion or Super U supermarket
After crossing the River continue ahead towards Evreux. At the roundabout where the road meets the A13, continue ahead on the A154 towards Evreux
The A154 soon becomes the N154. Continue on the N154 towards Evreux, then Dreux, then Chartres.
The key to following the N154 is not to go into the major towns. When you approach Evreux follow the signs to Dreux
When you approach Dreux, follow the signs to Chartres and then follow signs to Orleans
The N154 is also the N12 for a section of road just before Dreux. This can sometimes be busy at St Remy-sur-Avre
After Chartres, stay on the N154 to Allaines. At the roundabout take the exit to the A10 Orleans / Paris
Join the A10 heading towards Orleans, picking up a toll ticket. When the A10 meets the A71 take the A71
Continue on the A71 towards Vierzon where it meets the A20. Take the A20 exit , paying the toll
Continue on the A20 towards Toulouse and Limoges. Continue past Limoges and exit at Junction 44
Do not follow Sat navs here as they go way off route! Take the D920 towards Uzerche
After 4.5 miles you go under a railway bridge and then take the 2nd left up a hill signed D3 Treignac / Chamberet
At the top of the hill the D3 turns sharp left and continues uphill. Follow the D3 for 5 miles to Eyburie
Continue through Eyburie and just after the village sign with a red line through it, turn right on D26 to Le Lonzac
Continue on D26, crossing the Vézère river at Vernajoux, after 5.5 miles you arrive at L'Etang Didier in Le Lonzac
Turn right and you come to the village centre by the ancient Auberge